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Where to find expected End of Life dates for current APs?

New Contributor III
I've been searching the various documentation sources for the current range of Ruckus APs, and I'm not having any luck finding anything on anticipated End of Life dates for the R500 to R710 series APs. We are planning out an upgrade for our school, and we would like to know in advance the potential EOL dates for these radios to help us with our planning. We had a negative experience previously when we received an earlier than expected EOL notice very soon after we outfitted our school with ZF7962 APs, and we do not want any surprises this time around.

when is R610 EOL?

There is no EOL date yet...R610 was announced Nov 2016 and give or take a few months more before they shipped. I’m guessing that we have a good 2-3 more years before they EOL it. R750 only shipped end of summer 2019 and the R650 was announced recently, but doesn’t seem to have shipped yet and it’s feb 2020. R550 might come end of this full swing of WiFi 6 ruckus products would be end of this year so maybe 2022 and if we get lucky we might get software upgrades til 2023. But my bet is 2022.

im preparing some quotation for my customer for the upgrade for their existing R600 APs ... it shows it has already EOL ... and do have some mixture of R610 around too ... i too worried if they upgraded the R600 but without any significant improvement vs R650 ... ill probably wait for R650... any EOL or EOSupport for R610 would be great ... 

There is no announcement dates of existing R610 models for EOL, but my guess is once ruckus Wifi 6 APs take off by the end of this year give or take 2-3 years of support left  based on just a educated guess If lucky maybe 4 years but I highly doubt that.. R610 was announce Nov 2016.. Probably shipped early 2017. I highly recommend they stick with what they have and wait til the R650 ships and give or take 3-6 months for unleashed to support the R650 if they are interested in unleashed.

New Contributor III

my question is more from the vSZ side, I would like to know which APs will be EOS by the future SmartZone releases. We are in the process of decommissioning our R700 because they are no longer supported by 5.2.2. I did create a separate Zone running 5.1.2 so i could continue to use these AP but with the ST and LT support model you have adopted for releases, it's a bit difficult to plan hardware purchases. I now have a mix of R700, R710, R610, R510, R720, R730, R750, T300 and T301. It seems that the Wave 1 models are what's becoming unsupported moving forward.  i would like to know what will be the driving factor for the next round of EOS models.