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When will ZoneDirector 1200 be VIEW Certified by Spectralink for 84- series phones?

New Contributor III

I see the new ZD1200 hasn't been "VIEW Certified" with Spectralink as yet.  Are there any plans to get it certified?

The current VIEW certified configuration states that Spectralink handsets work with a Zone Director 1100 running firmware version  Does the 1200 support that same firmware and should it work identically to the way it would on a 1100 (except for speed/performance, of course).

We're having a new Wi-Fi system installed at our new warehouse and the system needs to work with Spectralink 8440 handsets.  I'm hoping that I can use a ZD1200 instead of ZD1100... otherwise I'm going to have to look at Aruba or some other vendor that has had their current offerings certified, which would be a shame, since we've been using Ruckus kit since February 2013 and I'm very happy with it.


Matty Brown.


Valued Contributor II
Matt I think u need to take this up with local ruckus sales engineer so that plm can get u an update on status on this...

Esteemed Contributor II
News is that Spectralink are updating the VIEW certification with current Ruckus products, according to PLM.
Our ZD firmware does have CAC and Spectralink settings incorporated, though fine tuning may be helpful in
some RF environments.

Hi Michael

Will there be any updates on how the latest VIEW certification of Ruckus products is going and how far off they are, or will it just pop up one day on

Unfortunately, I'm not sure I'm going to get the go ahead on purchasing Ruckus equipment that's not yet certified for our Spectralink wifi handsets.  I've got about 30 days to make a final decision on which vendor to go with... hopefully the ZD1200 and R500 and/or 7372 will be VIEW certified in time.


Hi Matty,

    We're working with Spectralink phone customers, as well as Cisco, Ascom, Moto, etc and our VoIP

QoS helps optimize call quality.  We definitely have users on 9.10 and 9.12, not just the antiquated

versions listed in the VIEW guide.  The biggest key to using Spectralink is to enable CAC on the WLAN

to keep contention low.  I don't know when we'll see another update from Spectralink.