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What is the antenna gain for Rukus R300 ?

New Contributor II
I found from Rukus R300 datasheet that the physical antenna gain is up to 3dBi per spatial stream. The Rukus R300 has two spatial streams. When calculating EIRP for Rukus R300, should I use 3 dBi or 6 dBi ?

This is highly dependant on your regulatory body, please check your regulations.

New Contributor II
Can you please elaborate a bit more how the regulation body define the Antenna Gain differently ?

Your regulatory body will tell you how to calculate EIRP and what values are to be taken in to consideration

Here in the UK its Peak Antenna Gain Value + Beamforming Gain + TX Power.

As you can see we don't have combining gain.

Hi Sean, how do you calculate beamforming gain? Surely this is a result of the environment the client receives the signal in rather than any additional tx power? really useful info here especially the links below.

I think the ruling is aimed at manufacturers  and this is done at the AP based on the pattern that the AP selects to communicate with the client.

If you want to calculate EIRP then off course the easist way is to just use Peak Antenna gain + TX Power - cabling and connector losses if used.