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What is "External IP:Port"? Why are my mesh APs isolated?

New Contributor II
I have 3 ZF7962s, all on the same LAN/Subnet, running IPv4.
All 3 ZF7962s are controlled by a ZoneDirector 1106 running Build 17.
I run them in mesh configuration. The ZD connects to the network switch. ZF1 connects to the ZD. ZF2 and ZF3 are located at other locations in my building.
I use the ZD and ZFs in my office for testing, learning, demonstration, and for Wi-Fi site surveys at prospective clients’ locations.
Until recently, all 3 APs had a blank External IP:Port.
Within the last two weeks, all 3 of them began to display an External IP:Port of :12223.
Today, all 3 APs are displaying an External IP:Port of :12223.
The connection mode is L3 (IPv4) on all 3 APs. I am not certain why this is.
Furthermore, the two mesh APs became isolated. Now, they are disconnected.

This is a 100% layer 2 environment, that has been online for two years.
This problem first appeared two weeks ago.
At that time, I switched from AT&T U-Verse DSL to Comcast cable for our Internet connection.
The DSL modem IP address was
The cable modem IP address is
I has set static IP addresses in the ZD of (ZD) and, .113, .114 (3 ZFs).
After I switched to Comcast cable, I could not access the ZD.
The WLANs that I had created in the ZD, still appeared on our iPhones and laptops, and, these devices could still connect to them.
I connected the ZD to the AT&T DSL router. I accessed the ZD, and, I disabled the static IP addresses
I connected the ZD to the Comcast gateway. I accessed the ZD, and, I saw that the Comcast gateway had assigned to the ZD, and, .19, .20 to the three ZFs. This is when the problems started to occur.

What does the External IP:Port tell me?
How can I resolve these issues (External IP:Port, mesh isolation/disconnect), and, return my system to proper working order?
Once I resolve these problems, should I, or, should I not configure the four devices with static IP addresses?

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Kurt,

Problems started two weeks ago, when you switched from U-Verse ( to Comcast, who's network provided is ( You discovered that your ZD
IP address and the APs all changed. That's ok, as your ISP connection changed.

ZoneDirectors communicate to APs with LWAPP (lightweight access point
protocol) on UDP:12222 (data) and UDP:12223 (control), and upgrades them
with FTP (TCP:20/21). The external IP port after your AP addresses is ok/normal.
You should leave your APs addresses as they are, assigned by Comcast DHCP
as we only support L3 discovery (no more L2 method), in our latest ZD firmware.

With regard to recovering your two isolated mesh APs, it might be easiest to
bring them back and connect to your ZD switch, so they show up as Root AP in
the Monitor/Access Points page, and then re-deploy them to your two buildings.
They will be reprovisioned/refreshed when you reconnect them by wire, to be
sure they have the correct mesh-SSID. Otherwise, the isolation may indicate
that you don't have quite enough signal strength between your Root and the
remote APs.

Save a ZD debug (from Administer/Diagnostics page), and your AP System
Info files (first icon to the right of the APs on Monitor/Access Points page), and
submit them as you open a case with Ruckus support if you need further help
with your mesh. Good luck and best regards.

New Contributor II
Hello, Michael.

Thank you for responding promptly to my posting.

The ZD and ZF1 connect to the network switch (as they always have). I connected ZF2 to ZF1 with a short Cat-5 cable, and, I connected ZF3 to ZF2 with a short Cat-5 cable. I did this for simplicity, so that all three ZFs reside side by side on the same table. This does not contribute to resolving the issues. I’m just sharing my procedures with you.

I’ve examined the ZFs by way of the ZD web portal. All three ZFs appear to be in proper working order. I plan to disconnect ZF2 and ZF3 from the wired LAN, and then, redeploy them in a mesh configuration, later today.

Do you recommend for or against configuring the four devices with static IP addresses? I take the ZD and ZF1 (root AP) to prospective customer sites, and, I use them to conduct my Wi-Fi site surveys. As I recall these visits, all of these sites used AT&T DSL, and, I seem to recall that I accessed their DSL modems with IP address That is quite a coincidence, which certainly beats the odds. So, the gateway IP address was the same as ours, here at the office, which is why I didn't experience this problem when I plugged my ZD/ZF into their system. My experiences with this issue suggest that I should not assign static IP addresses to them. If you do recommend that I assign static IP addresses to the four articles, should I do so through the ZD or through the router? I would like to know your thoughts, and, will likely defer to them.

Thank you, Michael.



Valued Contributor
I've seen recently the isolated MESH problem on the 9.7 FW. I didn't however get the debug info from the ZD though. I had a 7762 mesh to a 7372 and it kept failing.

About your other problem I'd say it's the cable modems fault. Those are usually the cheapest CPEs around and can cause some problems. Maybe try disabling DHCP on the modem and either use the one in the ZD or enable static IPs on all ZF products.

New Contributor II
After performing Michael's recovery procedures, ZF2 now displays a proper IP address from the router. It is operating in mesh mode. ZF3 still displays the old static IP address. It is still disconnected from the mesh.