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Web interface on Zonflex 7363 slow to load

New Contributor II
For some reason when I access the web interface on my zoneflex 7363 and click on 1 of the wireless SSIDs under configure the page takes about 5 minutes to load. Anyone experienced this before?

New Contributor
Hello Adam,

I would suggest you to try with different browsers

New Contributor II
Google Chrome seems to be the one browser having this issue. Any suggestions?

Valued Contributor II
It may be a corrupt cache in Chrome. So clearing cache, cookies, etc, restarting the browser may help.

You could try upgrading the ZoneFlex software on the AP often are you configuring your WLAN? If not often this may fix itself on the next Chrome update (which occurs about every month or 2)

New Contributor II
I do MAC filtering so every time a new person comes to my house that wants to use the wireless I have to update the MAC address list. Probably like once a month. I'll try clearing Chrome cache and cookies.