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New Contributor

I have a set up of R750 running in unleashed mode on software

But the moment i enable WPA3, the DPSK tab vanishes.

However, 6E APs R560 & R760 have been marketed with WPA3 & DPSK support:

Adds the power of DPSK to WPA3/SAE combining enhanced security with the flexibility and ease of use of dynamic passphrase to secure network access.

RUCKUS Networks is also adding support for the WPA3 security framework to RUCKUS Dynamic PSKTM (DPSK) technology, combining ease of deployment with advanced user security and control.

Will the support extend to older AP model R750 as well, which does not have a 6GHz radio?

Will it be available in the unleashed variants or i need to invest in new management platform?

Thanks in advance.



RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @richardcorso 

In unleashed 200.13 firmware version WPA3+DPSK is not supported.

R760 and R560 are the new model APs and as of now there is no any unleashed firmware version for these APs.

Also checked in the new SmartZone firmware version 6.1.1 and and it is also not supported WPA3 with DPSK.

We will check and let you know in which release this feature is supported.

Any update here? Specifically, for Ruckus One? 

New Contributor II

HOW in the world are you doing this? The VERY NATURE of WPA3-PSK prevents multiple keys. How are you hacking this and I would imagine clients will not all ubiquitously support it??  More info is needed and honestly, Ruckus needs to explain themselves if they are BREAKING SECURITY protocols!!!!

OK. I found this online -

1. looks like you're using an onboarding app of some kind here. This is really coy from Ruckus...not mentioning that in the press release trying to advance some revenue sales. Not a fan of withholding this important bit of info
2. Looks like you initially joining the client as a WPA2 client...then moving into this app...then re-associating as a WPA3 client probably getting around the first and only SAE PW attempt. 

You call this "canadian patented magic"...I call it pulling the wool over customer's eyes!