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WLAN service schedule applied to only certain AP's

New Contributor
I would like to prevent our Guest WLAN from being accessible in the evenings in certain areas on campus.  I know I can do a service schedule for an entire WLAN, but I would like to keep it active in some areas 24/7 and limit it to daytime hours elsewhere.  Is this possible?

New Contributor III
Were you able to find a solution for this?  

We also need to deactivate some WLANs at certain times for only specific areas/APs, but keep them active in other areas.

Someone suggested to use PoE scheduling (to shut off the AP entirely), but we need the APs active for the other WLANs.  We also use the extra LAN ports too.

Esteemed Contributor II
WLAN Service Schedule is what you need to only allow use during specific periods of time, but applies to the WLAN on all APs it's advertised on.

The solution to your inquiry might require TWO Guest WLANs (maybe very close names), and splitting your APs into two AP Groups.
You can include one time limited Guest WLAN on one group of APs, and different time limited WLAN on the other AP group.