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WLAN Group Overide blocking 2.4Ghz band

New Contributor III
I had two SSID's on a Zonedirector unit with 6 AP's (set up by someone else). I created a new SSID and forced it to only use the 2.4Ghz band by selecting "Override Group Config" option for WLAN Group under the 2.4Ghz band section of each AP (this is a seperate SSID for Chromecasts as they don't work on the 5Ghz band).

However now it seems that the other 2 SSID's no longer broadcast on the 2.4Ghz band. Is this what usually happens? Is there a way I can restrict SSID to 2.4Ghz without affecting the other 2 SSID's 


Contributor II
Under Configure -> WLAN, create two new WLAN Groups, call them 2g and 5g.

In each group, enable the SSIDs you want enabled in that band (eg. In your example. You would enable all 3 SSIDs in the 2G group and only enable your 2 older SSIDs in the 5G group)

Under Configure -> Access Points, edit the Default AP Group and set the correct WLAN Group on the respective radio (2Ghz Radio = 2G WLAN Group, 5Ghz Radio = 5G WLAN Group).

Remove all the overrides on the individual APs.

New Contributor III
Yay, thanks for this! Works like a charm.