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Vlan Pool/Large Vlan and mDNS/Airplay

New Contributor III
We currently have our SZ100 and R720 system configure using vlan pools.  I have the following vlan pools configured:

SchoolOwnedStaff - Pool with 2 /24 subnets
SchoolOwnedStudent - Pool with 2 /24 subnets
StaffBYOD - Pool with 2 /24 subnets
StudentBYOD - Pool with 8 /24 subnets

We are still testing and everything is working well with this configuration.  I now need to test Airplay and am looking at the bonjour gateway config.  Would I be better off using some /16 or /21 subnets and only having a single subnet for each group?  The AppleTV devices will be on their own SSID and vlan.  I don't know if it will be possible to get bonjour to work across all vlans in the pool but I will need to get bonjour to work from all four groups to the AppleTV's.

Contributor III
I have a similar config with the apple devices configured on a "apple vlan". I don't use vlan pools but I don't see why it would be much -or any- difference. But i'm using the bonjour / mdns relay capabilities of my firewall instead of the ruckus APs. In this way I don't need to muck around with client isolation and it just works. But if you're going to use the wlan gateway of the ruckus APs, just make sure you have all you apple devices in a single destination vlan and subnet.