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VSZ - upgrade form 3.2 via 3.5 to 3.6 inbound connections to clients being blocked

New Contributor
Hey Guys,

I have found 1 issue after upgrading my VSZ over the weekend. Inbound connections to Wireless clients no longer work. TCP dump on the firewall shows the packets leaving correctly but nothing get to the clients (Using wireshark so should be intercepting before the windows firewall) I have tested on AP firmware and

This was working on 3.2 and no other changes have been made over the last few days
Also confirmed the following:
Wireless Client Isolation : disabled
User traffic Profile: System Default
L2 Access Control : Disabled
OS Policy : Disabled

I have logged a call with our Partner support just waiting to hear back. In the mean time does anyone in the community have any ideas what could be blocking this?