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VSZ migration to new IP

New Contributor
So, I currently have a VSZ VM server on one Public IP Subnet, I need to migrate it to a different Public IP Subnet. I haven't been able to find a good way to move AP's to a different controller IP remotely, so my thought was to either forward all IP traffic from the original IP to the new IP, but I haven't been able to make that work, and I'm not sure that will work on a public. My second thought was to add both IP's to the new VSZ instance, so we can gradually go to all the AP sites and migrate them to the new IP. 
Has anyone else forwarded AP controller traffic before to a new IP? Or does anyone know if you can add a second VSZ controller IP to the same VSZ?

Contributor II
What if you were to commission a new server VM on the new IP and cluster it with the old one?  Then the access points would receive both IPs as controllers available to connect to.  They can now communicate with the new SZ, subsequently decommission the old server (after a little while).

I have not tried this, but in theory it should get you where you need to go... best of luck!

Hi Aaron,

Hope you are doing Good.

Sandeep's suggetion would work. 

1.Build a new vSZ with the new Public IP, restore it with old vSZ configuration backup.
2.Schedule a down time, now run AP-CLI script on old vSZ (set scg ip ) refer KB to build AP-cli script (
3.Shutdown the old vSZ, APs would terminate to new vSZ.

Please test with one AP and then plan accordingly.

Should you have any issues please feel free to open a case with Support.

Thank you.

Abilash PR.

New Contributor II
Hi I got the same issue, i got two vSZ-High Scale. we are about to decommission the old vSZ. 

i tried to perform the option 2. 

remote ap-cli "set scg ip "

the ap is being registered on the new Instance however the AP still keeps coming back on the old instance. is there a way for us to migrate the AP permanently to the new Instance?

I was able to figured out the problem. make sure that your AP's and the new controller's zone has the same firmware.

Jeffrey Alvin Subido