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VOWIFI R550 Innovaphone IP73

New Contributor


We have deployed a network on vsz environement with R550.

vSZ firmware is en de AP firmware is

connecting Innovaphone IP73 wifi phones on Innovaphone IP811 pbx. The IP73 is dropping connection even without moving. has anyone has the same issues and eventualy a fix for this issue? (Ruckus support is already triing to help. 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @CK1 

If the issue is reproducible, you can try to trace client connection with Troubleshooting> Client connection option. This will help to understand where the connection is failing.

The navigation to Troubleshooting client connection is described in the following guide: 

New Contributor

we have done this already 😉 troubleshooting in all ways. just wondering if someone has already faced same issue and found a solution 

Dear CK1,

I had similair problems with R550 AP and Yeahlink phones but I cannot remeber which AP firmware fixed that. If you have possibility to move one AP to a dofferent zone and test it I would recommend to use or firmware. They had fixes in that maybe have not made it to

It might be worth a try, but no guaratee that it fixes your issue.



New Contributor

I`m having something similar with our recent move from on prem ZoneDirector to Cloud vSZ and after getting our AP firmware to I`ve noticed voip calls dropping out on the WiFi handsets as well as client preferring g/n bands instead of a/n/ac. I`m currently still looking into this with our 3rd party support but they are blaming the client drivers which I think a bad way of looking at it. On our secondary site which was cloud vSZ we were running different version which worked flawlessly - Might need to find a maintenance window and try to downgrade AP firmware or I believe there`s a newer version ( that MIGHT fix it.