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VLAN and Access Policies

New Contributor II
I have some issues with the recent iterations of the ZoneDIrector firmwares. We have 2 SSID's, one for IT access to wired and the other for everyone else which is on a tagged VLAN.

It seems that I can't enable an access policy like rate-limiting for mobile AND have a static VLAN, it tells me I need to enable dynamic VLAN which then breaks things on the network. This is rather annoying for us when we have large events and I want to reduce bandwidth usage for certain devices.

Is there a way to do this, or is rate-limiting the whole WLAN the only way?

Esteemed Contributor II
ZoneDirector 9.8 firmware has RBAC feature (role based access control). Under
Configure/Roles, is an Access Control Policy that include rate limiting settings.

New Contributor II
So applying that option still rate-limits the whole vlan, because when you choose your specific OS types, the others are denied and can't access the WLAN at all.

New Contributor
Hi, I am facing the same issue here, did you find a solution?