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Upgrade the ZD1100 with Zone Flex 7982 this version from

New Contributor II
I try to upgrade to from, the ZD1100 controller can upgrade to, but the Zone Flex 7982 was failure to upgrade to
Then, I prepare to following the upgrade path.
When I find out the 9.7 release version
I cannot find the from official supported website

So, If I try to upgrade to again, I need to download version?
Or I just upgrade to, it can upgrade to
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e0135b77e2478c3cb5_d706d24b6afc4ac67700dfa927f52706_RackMultipart2017121872003pchu-dc6051d7-af79-40eb-b733-6d18877c07e4-2095789898.PNG1513575165

Contributor II
you don't need to upgrade the ZF, the ZoneFlex will get updated from the ZoneDirector.
you don't have to install a version in between, all listed versions can be upgraded in one step.
you can also upgrade to then you have the "KRACK" patch. but you only get it before 31.jan.2018

New Contributor II
I have try to upgrade to /, but when I successful to upgrade to, ZF7982 cannot upgrade from ZD1100 , the status"Failed to upgrade AP04 image from [] to []".
Although, the version is on this photo, but the situation is the same one.  
Image_ images_messages_5f91c438135b77e2479c6b18_13522bf5c17116475d4e45c2d6acfd8f_RackMultipart20171218740961koo-6ded305a-a094-4dbc-b8b7-e6a734f857e9-2121242402.PNG1513587283
Image_ images_messages_5f91c438135b77e2479c6b18_74f82361fc09277c5b62e4a7ad1922b9_RackMultipart20171218935722w89-e7ba3681-7859-4ee1-90b2-9e11124df516-1391379520.PNG1513589130
I have try to directly upgrade to, but the ZD1100 alerted, the upgrade package is applicable to (,


New Contributor II
You can't upgrade directly to 9.10 you have to respect upgrade path or you will loss configuration. -> 9.9.1 -> 9.10.2
ZF7982 are supported in 9.10.2 it should works well.
These "fail to upgrade" messages are weird, you should open a case for that.

I already try to upgrade, but I encounter the same situation "fail to upgrade". It is just upgrade to also includes WPA2 KRACK Vulnerability fixes.