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Unstable Network Connection R600 AP

New Contributor III
I am currently using 4 APs of R600, controlled by Zonedirector 1200 and current software version is build 216. I am facing unstable internet network connection, previously I used 10 MB internet connection and then upgrading to 20 MB but it doesn't has improvement. I always get seven RTO. it make me frustation, please help me to solve the problem.

Is there wrong configuration on my ruckus?

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New Contributor III
Im also encountering the same with our r600. From controller Itried also it in standalone and majority of the users connected on that ap encounter intermittent connection and sometimes the device is kicked on the wlan network.


The first problem you have for sure it is a Co-Channel Interference
- at the 2,4 GHz between channels 5, 8 and maybe between and maybe between 1, 5 and 8,13 if AP not far from each other. It is highly recommended to have at least 5 channels gap between channels. So I would recomend 1. 6. and 11. channels.
- the 5G band looks like worse. All cannels have CCI-problem. Bei default Ruckus AP have 80 MHz cannels. Do you realy need 80M MHz channels? My suggestion would be to use 40 MHz cannels. For example 38, 54, 151, 167. The main rule by frequency planning for 5G is use a frequency that is at least two channels apart and not use an adjacent frequency. So make proper frequency design.

The second can be the connectivity problem. Make sure you provided enought power for APs. Very often, if an AP cannot get the power, it needs and it will reboot.