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Unleashed and FIPS compliance

New Contributor II

I have a couple R610s for a small business I support. Is it possible to run the Unleashed firmware and have the devices be FIPS 140-2 compliant?  Or do I need a Smartzone controller to talk to the AP's to ensure FIPS compliance?

Also, this is unrelated to my comment above but I've submitted contact form data on this site several times but have never actually heard from anyone at Ruckus.  What gives?


New Contributor II

Unfortunately, my understanding is that you cannot operate an Unleashed R610 as FIPS compliant.  As you guessed, FIPS compliance can only be achieved when managed via SZ.  


New Contributor II

With regard to contact, I can try to hunt down an account team for you.  Do you work commercially or do you support the gov't?

Where are you geographically?  I can hunt down the right person to connect with you for future help.  I'll probably just have them respond on this thread (it's marked private) so you can talk off the forum.