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Unleashed AP - Suddenlty Factory Reset

Contributor III

i have a strange issue which happend two times now.
A few weeks ago Customer told me that two Outdoor-Mesh-APs (T300 Unleashed) are not accessable any more.
We exchanged the APs and Customer shipped the defective APs to me.
I checked the APs. Strange Thing: APs where set to Factory Defaults. There were not defective. After configuring them they worked again without any issues.

Few days ago same issue at this Site but now with two T301s Unleashed.
T301s were not reachable anymore. Customer exchanged the APs and send me the two faulty ones.
After checking the APs, they were Factory Resetted again.

I ask me how the hack the APs can get Factory Resetted by itself?
This APs are mounted at 15m high. Nobody can reach this AP so easily to reset them.
Maybe an consequenz of an thunderstorm? Overload? Can this be possible? Or maybe a wrong grounding?

I don't really have an idea.
Maybe someone else?


Contributor III
Now I have same issue at another Site, too.
For me it seems that i happends in Mesh-Networks where some Interference present.
If the Mesh-Link of an AP is not always 100% stable, the AP has a higher risk resetting itself to Factory Default.

In a Mesh Setup with high mounted APs a serious issue.

New Contributor II
Hi All:
    In Unleashed AP, only one way the AP will set factory automatically, that's PK fail (There are two master AP, it PK, then one master will become member AP).
    I guess in this case, whether in some reason the mesh AP (T300) gateway is reachable and become root role, then it is elected as master, then come back into the network, it PK by the old master, so it will set factory.
    Can you tell me what's Ip configure for this T300? and what's IP configured for the Master AP? please give us the IP, and gateway infomation.  SDC will try to reproduce it.

   Anyway, in 200.4 patch ( and 200.5 version, we have changed the logic, when Pk fail, if the AP is not gateway mode, it will not set factory, it only reboot. So I think if can customer can try to use 200.4 patch or 200.5 version.

What does PK mean?

Yes, i also asked me, what PK means?
I have Version installed in my Networks. Where do i find or 200.5?

IP Config:
Default GW:
AP01 ::: Root-AP ::: ::: T301s
AP02 ::: Root-AP ::: ::: T300
AP03 ::: Mesh-AP ::: ::: T300 ::: Factory Resetted
AP04 ::: Mesh-AP ::: ::: T300 ::: Factory Resetted
AP05 ::: Mesh-AP ::: ::: T301s ::: Factory Resetted
AP06 ::: Mesh-AP ::: ::: T301s ::: Factory Resetted
AP07 ::: Mesh-AP ::: ::: T300
AP08 ::: Mesh-AP ::: ::: T300
AP09 ::: Mesh-AP ::: ::: T300

The LAN Interface of each Mesh-AP is connected either to a IP-Cam or with a Switch (and Multible IP-Cams).

Not sure what PK means either. I suspect Stanley means the Paraphrase Key (The wireless mesh key).
In our set-up we use networks of 4 T-300 AP's of which only 1 has a cable connection, This one is always the only the master . The other 3 are wirelessly meshed.

I do understand that one of the meshed AP's might loose it's connection with the master AP for any given reason. (Interference, restart of the master etc..)
What I don't get is how the meshed AP after restart would somehow decide it might be master? It can not reach the gateway by any other means than the wireless uplink to the "only real master". Even more so, as we use DHCP it doesn't even get an IP address if no connection can be established to the DHCP server, which it only can reach via the original wireless uplink. IP conflicts are out of the question therefore.     

We also run and would very much like get any firmware version that would prevent automatic factory defaults.