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Unleashed AP - Suddenlty Factory Reset

Contributor III

i have a strange issue which happend two times now.
A few weeks ago Customer told me that two Outdoor-Mesh-APs (T300 Unleashed) are not accessable any more.
We exchanged the APs and Customer shipped the defective APs to me.
I checked the APs. Strange Thing: APs where set to Factory Defaults. There were not defective. After configuring them they worked again without any issues.

Few days ago same issue at this Site but now with two T301s Unleashed.
T301s were not reachable anymore. Customer exchanged the APs and send me the two faulty ones.
After checking the APs, they were Factory Resetted again.

I ask me how the hack the APs can get Factory Resetted by itself?
This APs are mounted at 15m high. Nobody can reach this AP so easily to reset them.
Maybe an consequenz of an thunderstorm? Overload? Can this be possible? Or maybe a wrong grounding?

I don't really have an idea.
Maybe someone else?


New Contributor III
Are you using fixed or dynamic ip-s ? We saw problems at least with dynamic management IP-s1

Contributor III
I am using fixed IPs.

Valued Contributor
Could you let me know firmware version for UAP?

If in 200.2 or 200.3 using fixed IP, Plz upgrade 200.4 and use dynamic IP for aps and management interface IP for master mgmt.

Currently when a UAP which had master role is rebooted, the ap is factory reset after reboot.

And config is synced from new master.

If version 200.2 or 200.3, the ap , at that time, I have seen many times that a rebooted ap which had master role don't find new master.

And when the ap is rebooted, if it have no dhcp server, the ap never works.

If version is 200.2 or 200.3, due to above reason, I had seen factory reset many times.


Contributor III
FW is 200.4.
Because there is no DHCP and Customer don't want a DHCP within the Network, i have to use static IPs.
The APs which lost there config are Mesh-APs. So they cannot be Master-APs. Only Root-APs can be a Master.