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Ugly cable access gap! What do you all do?

New Contributor
On most of the access points there is a gap where the cable can enter the wap, but we always mount them on a ceiling, in a nice house with the cable coming in hidden. but you can see it through the gap. Do any of you have a solution? Because our clients love the quality if the wifi, but not the quality of the way it looks. I know this isn't an issue for most commercial installs.

Contributor III
This looks like a DIY job. my gut here would be to use a small cut of tape, and some chipboard, or thin corrugated plastic to cover the access port ( which allows for the cable to come straight in or from above.

We have product show rooms for big name brands, and realy picky visually oriented sales teams.

We use a high density sponge for the entry point, you can cut & "drill", do cutouts in it, but keep the visible surfaces clear,
and a much softer closed cell under the unit, Becasue they don't always fit flush to the concrete
then trim any excess with a real sharp knife..

Luckly.. we can turn the unit lights off & on remotly, or even that would be an issue......

New Contributor
@caveman any clues on the type of high density sponge you use or suppliers in the UK? Your not wrong turning the lights off is a great start! We've even taken to putting white heatshrink on the cables as they're often in colours chosen by electricians (red, orange, yellow!)

for under the unit, just that kind of  low density sheet  small hole  stuff, normally they use inside bags.
for around the cable entry.. like the  closed cell material that they pull air con pipes thru
its called "XPE"
google "xpe foam", you can get all sorts of colours.
They do "blocks" of it which is just layers heat bonded together, then you just cut a shape under the top layer from the back, leaving the surface intact & just  velcro or glue it in