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Tx Power settings in ZD

New Contributor
Hello guys,
I have several Ruckus ZoneFlex R510 APs. I want to know mW equivalent, if I will set TX power settings to -8dB in ZD for both bands. Thanks in advance

New Contributor III
I'm looking for an answer on this for some time.
Will it decrees it from the max radio power output of the model?
Or will it decrease it from the max power output based on the regulatory domain?

it is an attenuation from the the max EIRP allowed in your region. (it is specifed it with the Country Code)

Thx for your response

So I'm in Europe and here maximum indoor allowance is 100 mW. So if I not mistaken 100mW in the 2.4GHz equal approx 20 dBm. Should I calculate - 7db from Maximum EIRP, correct or I'm wrong? For ex: 20db - 7db = 13db

Yes, if you want to have 13dBm (20mW) EIRP you should set Tx Power Adjustment to -7dBm