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Two R510,mobile device conncet problem

New Contributor II

I have a problem with R510

The situation is 
one R510 is A
the other is B

when I take the mobile device between A and B
sometimes will offline
how can I solve this situation?

And it have the tool or info?
can let me know the detail info with offline problem

Esteemed Contributor II
How far apart are AP-A and AP-B, and what is in between them?  Beside walls/windows, is there any machinery, AC/heating, florescent lighting?

Are you running Solo AP code on the APs, or controller managed?  (different troubleshooting tools)

What kind of mobile device is it?  Are you running latest radio drivers?
What kind of application is it running?  How do you know when it is offline sometimes?

Does it happen to all mobile devices, or only one certain kind?