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Trying to configure zone director and APs to broadcast two ssid each on different Vlan

New Contributor
I have just one layer 2 switch where i have 3 untagged vlans( default vlan, Office and students). I have clients connecting directly to the office vlan via ethernet cable and some on wifi via a standard wireless router. For students i have the zone director connected to the student vlan along with my dhcp server. i would like to get rid of the standard wireless router, configure two ssid with the zone director and place the new ssid on the office vlan.
I already set up the new ssid and in advance options under Attach vlan tag, i have selected the right ID, i also connected the ethernet port to one of the ports on the office vlan but for some reason it doesn't seem to be broadcasting access to this vlan at all. Is there something i'm missing here?

You will need to configure a port on the switch that is untagged in the student vlan AND tagged in the office vlan, since you can only have one untagged vlan on a given port. However, since you don't have an L3 switch there's no way to have a single DHCP server in one vlan give out IPs to a different VLAN. To do that you need a L3 switch configured with a "helper address" that points clients on the vlan sans DHCP server to the IP of the DHCP server. Unless I'm misunderstanding the config...

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The two Eth ports on the ZoneDirector are logically one interface, and does not route traffic between them.
Your ZD and APs would need to connect to multiple VLAN capable trunk ports, in order for your WLAN clients
to be separated, with different DHCP scopes for each VLAN/subnet.  Afraid a layer2 switch w/o VLANs cannot
separate client traffic from your ZD/AP (untagged) management VLAN/subnet.

Port facing ZD could just be an access port if ZD is only used for LWAPP.

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Have you thought about trying Zero-IT?