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Troubleshooting an AP

New Contributor III

Hi everyone - I'm going to open up a support ticket on this, but thought I would poke around a bit myself first.  Basically the problem is that I have an AP that needs to be rebooted once or twice a day.  The AP, an R710, is in our school library.  Users have excellent signal, but the network just goes wonky.  Pinging internal or external devices times out, comes back for a bit, huge response times.  Reboot the AP and all is well.  I checked the switch that the AP is plugged into for any port errors, but no problems there.

Any tips on what to use to troubleshoot?  Going to fire up Wireshark when this happens next time, but was also wondering about interference, etc.  The AP is mounted very close to cell phone towers on our roof, but I've read that this shouldn't be a problem or would always be a problem.



I'm going to open a case, but yeah factory reset not a bad idea - I'll give that a try

Contributor II

If its just the same 2 APs - I wonder if there is a code issue/memory problem, etc.  you could consider factory defaulting them and re-loading the code to reconnect to the system and see if it resolves it.  Otherwise, could consider RMA.

If its possible you could swap a working AP for the problematic one and see if the issue moves or stays the same which could help identify if its the AP or something behind it on the network.