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There is best practices for campus ap with zf7300 series?

New Contributor
We have many of zf7000 series for academy. There are best practices configuration for campus AP? We have so many trouble with interference and rf polutionImage_ images_messages_5f91c3e9135b77e2478dce92_5687a21dc9f9fd0b26e71a97badf2c83_RackMultipart201709059466417bc-bd302dab-3a79-41cc-945a-93b309175642-1582058055.png1504596756

Esteemed Contributor II
Best practice is to perform a Site Survey, and diagram your necessary coverage area and number of clients.
Then you have to locate APs where they can reach all the required areas.  Part of a Site Survey is to find out
what sources of interference exist (AC/Heating, machinery, Floresent light ballasts, etc), so you do not place
APs too near to these.

I suggest implementing ChannelFly over Background Scanning, which will utilize more channels in the 2.4g
band, overlapping as little as possible with neighbor APs.  I recognize many of your clients only on channel 6.