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Teams and Zooms keeps disconnect

New Contributor II

We have one client where ruckus zone director (ZD3050) is installed with firmware version - build 44 and ap's are (zf7025 ,zf7341 ,zf7321). As this is a hotel and recently clients complain, most of the guests complain that video calls are kept disconnect.

We checked the internet line, which is fine even though we test video calls over the wired connection and didn't experience the video calls' disconnection (teams and zoom, skype ). 

Could you please advise what setting I need to review on the zone director?


Never enable 802.11r, if you are not sure that all clients support it, as it can prevent clients not supporting 802.11r from connecting to network at all, with different weird messages. For example, I had in the past case that when 802.11r was enabled, DELL laptops with Intel WiFi card were unable to connect to network with WPA2-PSK, showing message "wrong password". Disabling 802.11r fixed issue completely. Some other devices don't have that clear problems, just have more errors and disconnect/reconnect often. So always check if it is enabled, ti should be not, if it is not really supported.

Currently 802.11r is supported on Windows laptops (from W7 to W10) only on networks with WPA2-Enterprise -- with RADIUS authentication, and only with compatible adapter and driver. And no windows laptops support 802.11r with WPA2-PSK, or with web-authentication... I am not that sure about Apple devices, but as usually Apple devices are worst customers, I suppose situation is similar there. 

In fact, only handheld devices (phones and tablets, both iOS and Android) really support 802.11r with both WPA2-PSK and WPA2-Enterprise (RADIUS), so networks where no laptops devices are expected can have 802.11r safely enabled. If you think about this, it is  logical, that handheld devices support it, but problem is that any unsupporting device trying to connect to same network will have issues.