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TUNNELED VSZ-D Data Plane latency high, and speedtest is never over 10mbit

New Contributor
We have 3 different SSID:s tunneled through the Data Plane. For some reason latency to the tunneled networks gateway is over 300ms. Speedtest is only 10mbit.... Is there anyway to debug the data plane?

If I remove the tunnel and change the configuration to APBridged, the speedtest shows over 150mbit.

I'm running vSZ-D

The problem seems to be at the data plane?


New Contributor III
There are many factors that can contribute to performance issues and since I don't know your setup, I suggest opening a tac case. 

New Contributor III
Check under reports>ruckus ap tunnel stats, and see how many dropped packets you have. We had poor tunnel performance on 5.0 and had to downgrade to 3.5 to get it stable. 

to add - we were using the SZ124, not the vsz-d