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T310n - Distance

Contributor III

i have to do a Mesh Network Link between two Buildings.
Both Buildings are about 160 Meters away from each other.
There is a plain sight of view. No Trees or other things.

I have planned to use a T310n.
Do you think that 160 Meters is a Problem for this APs?
Any Experience?

Thanks and KR

Contributor III
Assuming the objective is to connect the 2 buildings, a P300 bridge is a better choice. The performance will be better and the cost will be 25-37% less depending on how you plan to manage the T310n.

Valued Contributor
Hi Marco,

The distance you've mentioned, with clear-line-of-sight, should be absolutely no problem for the T310N.  Bear in mind something called the 'Fresnel Zone' which can cause big problems on wireless links:

Have you considered the Ruckus P300 system? This is a dedicated point-to-point wireless system:

Do you have an existing Wi-Fi network? Is it Ruckus? If so, do you have an existing Ruckus wireless controller? Be aware the P300 system has limited centralised management options (Ruckus UMM).

I hope that helps,

Contributor III

thanks for your experience.
I did not use P300 because there are (a few) Wireless Clients, too.
I calculated the Fresnel Zone. Because the APs will be mounted at about 10m there should be no Problem.
Cars and Trucks with max. 4 meters should not be able to reach the Zone at this mounting height.

I used T310s in the Past with a distance of about 125m. This was no Problem.
If someone has some other experience with the Distance of T310n, please let me know.

Thanks and KR

New Contributor III
Hi Marco,
Using Mesh will reduce performance for clients connected to the AP on far site.  P300 is a point to point link which will provide better performance.  On Far site, you will anyway have power for the AP so P300 for point to point and an AP(Omni or directional depending upon location, requirement) would work. How much bandwidth you have at AP side and how much is required on far site?  you can also consider some other point to point solutions like Ubiquity, Ignitenet etc.