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T310N and T310S range/distance

New Contributor

OK I think I figured out that 901-T310-US51 = T310S = 120 degree version and 901-T310-US61 = T310N = narrow beam version…

What are the spec differences between these two? Specifically, what is the typical operating distance the WiFi signal should be able to go in feet or meters? I know a lot will depend on the client... for the most part we are building the system so there is an AP or external antenna at the other end and that is the expectation we are setting for good connectivity... but in some cases the clients could be phones or computers...

This is for a marina, so the external antennas/APs would be mounted on boats. The phones would be used by people walking around on the docks...

For example, would 300 feet of range be way too much distance to try to cover, and would the narrow band work better over greater distances?