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Standalone AP R500, RADIUS NSP, PEAP

New Contributor II
Hello. Our company testing two AP R500 in standalone mode. I want to set up RADIUS Auth on APs with Windows 2012 NPS. But AP does auth through EAP protocol, not PEAP. I cant find where can I change it or it is impossible without controller? Please help!

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus 802.1x EAP support includes PEAP. 

Under Configuration / Radio 2.4G (or 5G), and a WLAN tab, specify the Encryption Method = WPA, with the WPA Authentication of 802.1x,

and enter your Win2012 NPS server IP address, port 1812, and a Shared Secret in the Authentication Server fields.

Then when you connect a client, you'll use whatever supplicant method to enter your Userid/Password (for AD auth).

New Contributor II
Thanks for reply. I entered all fields about RADIUS server, config NPS server but it does not work. I have 8 Unifi APs with software controller and they are working with current RADIUS server and configuration. In my NPS server in log files I see that auth on ruckus is using EAP protocol instead PEAP.