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Standalone AP Hotspot without RADIUS or ZoneDirector

New Contributor
We're looking to create some simple setups with a single standalone AP utilizing the hotspot feature - but we don't currently have a RADIUS server set up or a ZD to dedicate to this.

Is there any command (CURL or anything?) that we can send back to the AP to allow the user through? Or even just show them the hotspot capture page once then allow them to browse?

All that we really want to do here is:
1- User connects to AP, receives DHCP IP
2- Shown simple portal page with ToS etc... and is either allowed online after or clicks a simple "access the web"/"i agree" button.

We have everything else running, DHCP and all that works fine, but the user is stuck at the portal page without a RADIUS server to auth against. Any way around that?

New Contributor III
The short answer would be no. However if you are using it (the hotspot) as a test, why don't you set up the option unrestricted clients along with After user is authenticated option to the login portal where the user can click ok button to navigate?