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Sporadic DHCP/connection Issue

New Contributor
Hi, we are having an issue with a number of R600 APs connected through a ZoneDirector 1200.

Occasionally we will notice connectivity issues with a certain area/AP. Users will complain that they are unable to get connected to the wifi network, and when we check ZoneDirector we can see that any new client connections to the APs are connecting but not obtaining an IP address. This issue only ever seems to affect one AP at a time. When we check the Window DHCP server we can see there are many IP leases available, and we experience no other network issues.

After disabling the radio on that access point and then re-enabling it, all devices that were having issues can immediately connect and obtain and IP address, functioning as normal. This leads me to think it is somewhat AP related, as the reset of the radio causes everything to function again.

Has anybody experience similar issues or have any idea for possible solutions?



Esteemed Contributor II