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Smart Roam and Mac OS compatibility - known issues?

New Contributor

I have successfully enabled Smart Roam on an R750 Unleashed network by logging into master > enable > config > wlan "SSID_name" > smart-roam 6 > end > end > quit

The deployment consists of 10 R750 APs and -55dbm or better 5GHz HE80 coverage everywhere for MCS11 rates.

I am noticing some Macbook Pro clients are getting booted off one of the APs even when signal is -55dbm or better.  Full on disconnect, goes to no bars on the client, followed by an immediate full reconnect

I have 2 theories:

1.) The Bluetooth and/or Location Services are causing the client to become a "ghost" resulting in Smart Roam kicking it off.  The Mac OS Bluetooth and Location causing wifi interruptions are talked about a lot in Parsec and Sunshine/Moonlight game streaming threads on reddit and other forums.

2.) There is something I don't understand about setting Smart Roam above level 5.


To get the roaming performance I want, I actually need level 7.  I determined this by extensive walk testing.  This is because the deployment is -55 coverage everywhere on 5GHz, designed for MCS11 data rates in all areas.

I am trying to kick clients off when they approach -65.


Thanks for any suggestions


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @zoneMedicOrches 

Below table explains the table explains the matching of Roam factor value to SNR value. SNR is a combination of RSSI and the Noise. So the client will be disconnected when it reaches the SNR threshold set.

If you want the client to disconnect at -65, probably Roamfactor 5 should help.

Higher the roamfactor, the more sticky the client will be to the AP.