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Setting up a group of R510s is a controller needed?

Contributor II

I'm new to ruckus but have heard great things.    If I want to set up a warehouse with about 18 is a controller needed?   Should I get a different unit?   Some APs I've worked with need a controller, some need a special version of the AP with a controller built in - I'm not sure about Ruckus.


New Contributor III
You can get APS with the unleashed software, which means that they have their own controller software built in.

The other way is to get a traditional controller, which is my preferred way to go.

Contributor II
In your case a small ZoneDirector controller is recommended, specially for warehouse deployments so that the APs are 100% doing what they do best, pass traffic. However, like Tim mentioned, you can use our Unleashed software which allows the AP to still work together as a group and coordinated, but without the need of controllers. This works for up to 25 APs. It is easy to deploy and very flexible.

Either way you go, you have chosen the right product. We welcome you to Ruckus.

Contributor II
Good info - thanks!   Any guess as to the ideal temperature range is for the APs?  I put in Avaya ones at one client with a giant freezer warehouse and 1/3 of them died within 2 years.   I need some that will survive  cold temperatures.   Should I start a  new thread for that question?