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Same IP

New Contributor II
I have a spectrum cable router and it has the same IP as my access point, how do I log into the Ruckus R710 when it has the same IP as spectrum router?

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hello Jeff,

Is it possible for you to connect your laptop directly to the AP's LAN port and access it on the configured IP address?

- Anusha

New Contributor II
Don't have laptop using desktop

New Contributor II
So connect a laptop directly to spectrum router?

OK, so that's bad, obviously every device on the network needs its own unique IP.
You need to disconnect the AP from the network and connect a laptop or some other computer directly to the AP. Of course you need to power the AP with a power adapter or POE injector.
Login to it and change its IP settings.
Alternatively, you can disconnect the cable modem/router, so its IP does not exist on the network, connect to AP, change its address, reboot it, then reconnect the cable device.

All this assumes you are actually having the same IP for both devices on the internal network. The external IP will look the same for all the devices on your network, because the router is NAT-ing all the internal IPs to its external IP. You did not give us many details....