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SZ-100 changes its addres in remote AP from external to internal

New Contributor III
At first, I connected remote AP (behind NAT) to a SZ-100 (connected with external IP) - everything works fine.
The next step - put the SZ behind NAT and open all ports according to manual. AP connects, gets configuration, then heartbeat is lost and AP disconnects. 
I connected to AP via SHH and in AP settings I discovered that the controller address has changed from external a.b.c.d to its internal 192.168.xx.xx. So the controller changes this setting by itself, when gives the config to AP? 
How can I solve this?
Thanks in advance.

Valued Contributor
You must upgrade F/W 3.1.1.x.

It's solved by control nat ip.


so, it's a SZ software problem? 

It's not bug.
Just old version was not supported the function.

If it was required, you must set "controller nap ip" in 3.1.1.x.