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SCG CLI Script make the AP can't boot up

New Contributor III

Currently It have some CLI script apply to the T300 / T301 series AP after script is applied the PoE switch reboot and those AP is not able to boot up.

*Remark: Before apply the CLI script, it has also reboot the PoE switch without problem

So I suspect the CLI script make something wrong on it.

Is there any problem on the below of script?

file a


set blacklist wifi1 52 -1

set blacklist wifi1 56 -1

set blacklist wifi1 60 -1

set blacklist wifi1 64 -1

set blacklist wifi1 100 -1

set blacklist wifi1 104 -1

set blacklist wifi1 108 -1

set blacklist wifi1 112 -1

set blacklist wifi1 116 -1

set blacklist wifi1 120 -1

set blacklist wifi1 124 -1

set blacklist wifi1 128 -1

set blacklist wifi1 132 -1

set blacklist wifi1 136 -1

file b


set blacklist wifi0 2 -1

set blacklist wifi0 3 -1

set blacklist wifi0 4 -1

set blacklist wifi0 5 -1

set blacklist wifi0 7 -1

set blacklist wifi0 8 -1

set blacklist wifi0 9 -1

set blacklist wifi0 10 -1

set blacklist wifi0 12 -1

set blacklist wifi0 13 -1


so the script is not wifi1 or wifi0?

New Contributor III
I will try with customer but after remove those script those ap can be reboot normally

set blacklist wifi1 is not valid so that might be the issue, it should be wifi8.

I presume the fw_version on the AP and SCG are the same.

Some illegal command is causing the AP to revert to the backup stored in the internal memory.

If you log into the CLI and run each line separately, do you get back any errors?

set blacklist wifi1 is a valid command:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c472135b77e247a92b5c_bc714d89f2ffb44dc4af3e1c8a1c80f1_RackMultipart201511046685y8op2-07582a15-55a0-4272-9b63-2a8fbcce0169-272590498.png1446631762

Just not know why after script the t series cant boot up but R700 no such problem