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Running two Ruckus in building and having problems

New Contributor
Six months ago we upgraded our two D-Links, to Ruckus 7363 Multimedia Hotzone Wireless AP's. That was when the problem started.

Can you have two Ruckus's configured with the same SSID and network name? The IP is different for both. One is upstairs, the other is downstairs.

Here is what is happening. When we have 12 or more people connected, user 13... on up have problems. They cannot access email or Citrix. If I try pinging resources off the immediate subnet it fails. Cannot ping email server, or Citrix. BUT, the users can surf the internet fine. If I reboot the ruckus, everyone is fine for a few days.

I contacted Ruckus tech support, and they had me upgrade firmware to, change cables, change which port they connect to our switches, and even wipe them clean and reconfigure. The problem still occurs. Reboot fixes the problem for a few days and then I am back in the same boat.

Encryption mode is WPA, PSK, TKIP.

Laptops and BYOD devices connect to the network via wireless.

The DLinks did not have this problem.

Valued Contributor II
I'm going to bet that TKIP is your issue. It severely limits the number of connections. Switch to AES and see if that helps. If you have devices that don't handle AES (i.e. really old) , create a separate SSID.

The other thing to check is where clients are getting their DHCP. If both APs are handing out the same scope...that would be a problem.

New Contributor
Keith, thank you for your reply.
I am pretty sure I am not handing DHCP through the Ruckus. Where do I go to verify the dhcp and scope? I have IPV4 DNS Mode to manual, and IPV4 DNS Mode pointed to a switch.

Valued Contributor II
If the switch is providing DHCP then switch to AES.