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Running 2 Ruckus networks next to each other with the same SSID

New Contributor II
Hello, we will be running an event at a hotel and supplying wifi coverage to the outside. We will be running this connected to our own router and ZD. To complicate matters there will be a separate network, also Ruckus inside the hotel with the same SSID. Our coverage will overlap as we will have some directional APs inside the hotel shooting out the windows. I'd like to know if we will have any potential issues with this setup at all, or will the two managed networks play nice with each other?

New Contributor II
I realise this is a far from ideal setup, but this is the best we can do!

Valued Contributor II
since both these networks are physically seperate... you got to use auto channel management and transmit power on L1 and if possible use different SSID...

Contributor II
Same SSID on two different controllers: Bad idea.
1: They will try to manage the airtime and will register 'rougue' AP's broadcasting the same SSID.

2: You will have different DHCP servers on each net, and what about registration? WPA[2] or Captive? If some sort of portal is in place, you will have guests registering on two different portals, and That is gonna be a strange user experience!

Make an event SSID, or make sure the DHCP/portal is at least the same.

Contributor III
from an RF perspective, try to keep channels isolated from each controller. 20MHz only on 5GHz, maybe look to limit the channels at 2.4 or even better do 5GHz only in the event.

As Jakob states, 2 SSID's with the same name on different controllers is a bad idea.