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Ruckus r350 slow unstable bandwidth

New Contributor

Hello all

I want to ask why my access point is monitored slowly, is it because there is a wrong configuration, for wifi 6 I turned off now I use wifi 5, if I activate it, it is monitored slowly on my wifi network, please help me to optimize the configuration of the r350 device, I have looked for ways but the access point is monitored slowly, I'm using 500 mbps bandwidth, 7 access points have been installed.

big thanks


Valued Contributor

Hi esq165

Can you provide a bit more details please?

What version is running on the APs?

What controller you are using? Unleashed, vSZ/SZ or Ruckus One?


Martin M

When users connect, it is sometimes unstable, even though in terms of coverage area, the entire room is covered by the access point, the bandwidth uses 250mbps, but when the banwidth speedtest is not balanced either, the download is higher than the upload, please help.

MY AP Version firmware

I use vSZ/SZ, version vSZ

Best Regards