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Ruckus guest access redirect problem

New Contributor III
Hi all,

I am facing a problem when setup guest access with no authentification and without ssl cert installed. In URL redirect, I am using redirect to the following URL :

During test, guest will facing "Your connection is not private" error . Guest can not surf internet. I would like to know if I select "redirect to the url that user intend to visit ", will this solve "Your connection is not private".



New Contributor III
You have an open WLAN with no captive portal? How do you have this configured currently? 
Follow what Victor said if that is the case.

There is no need to create a guest access, wispr portal or web autentication portal in your case. 

HSTS has to do with websites forcing any request to the site to be in HTTPS even though you typed, the browser will force this connection to be in HTTPS right away instead of http.