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Ruckus Unleashed and vrrp setup

New Contributor III
I have follow setup in my country house:
1) Fiber internet coming to garage
2) Backup LTE Huawei modem on my bedroom.
I have first mikrotik on Fiber enter, and second with LTE modem.
Also i deploy 4 ruckus unleashed ap (2-720, 1-610, 1-T310).
All working fine, but i want to setup redundacy -when my fiber chanel drops, transfer to LTE, and wise  a versa.
I found VRRP (virtual router) as a solution - it just change additional IP address on 1 or 2 router with special protocol - for example 
So - 1 router initially has address  +, second router has address Gateway for network
When fiber router down by some reason - situation changes, and 1 router has only, but second has +
This address transfer working fine, but only issue is rebuilding unleashed network while reboot router.
Actually i have wireless bridge by Ruckus between router 1 and router 2.
And when power down and restore - i have 2 separate unleashed network with main gateway one - in segment of router 1, and second - in segment of router 2.
And issue that this 2 networks can't become one.
Is anybody meet same issue?

Contributor II
VRRP will not work if your devices (APs) don't have direct L2 access to both gateways.
I suggest putting a switch in front of the 2 routers and connecting devices to the switch rather than directly.  Set your default gateway to the virtual address on all devices.

New Contributor III
thank you for reply!
Unfortunatelly my routers are in different location without ability to use wired connection.
I use ruckus unleashed as a bridge.
If i just setup VRRP over working unleashed network - all works fine. If main router lose internet connection - backup LTE start share and everething working fine. One internet return to fiber channel - VRRP switchs to main rounter.
But when i try to reboot unleashed network - in just working on rebulds withoud end.
I afraid thats becouse mesh AP can't become master AP. so - in case of rebuilding wireless bridge - both AP has access to internet with one address and therefore can't build mesh network - like 2 masters with access to the internet throu 2 different channels....
on mikrotik bridge don't rely on internet connection and works fine without issues on power failure

New Contributor III
I have wireless bridge on unleashed 
and issue is that my wiress client, connected to master or root ap in one segment - cant ping ever Mesh AP in other part or wireless bringe.Internet working fine - access in second segment.