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Ruckus Unleashed Slave AP is not conncet.

New Contributor

Good morning.
The AP is operating the master. You can not connect another AP in this state. The symptom is that other APs are displayed on the Master AP management page. But the state is disconneted. Could you tell me why?

This is what I did.
1. Full AP firmware upgrade (R510
2. Same settings

Here is the network configuration.
1. Setting management IP trunk
2. Three vlans (two ssid, one management)

Thank you for your help.


Esteemed Contributor II
Does the LAN have a real router for DHCP/def-gw function?  This is necessary, I could not get all static IP address network to come up correctly without a router acting as def-gw.

Do you see the AP MAC address and IP in the DHCP lease table after reboot or factory default of the non-master APs?