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Ruckus R500 Removed from controller local password changed

New Contributor
Ruckus R500 Removed from controller and local username/password changed.  I removed the device from a cloud controller to add to a local controller.  I was able to access 14 AP's after removing and factory reset.  30 AP's username and password changed.  I've tried super sp-admin and what I had in the controller but neither work.   Because of the amount of APs and placement it would take allot of man hours to complete hard reset.  I would like to figure out how the AP's work when removed from controller and what the username and password changes to.  Is it possible the AP changed username and password after going to island or stand alone mode?  Does anyone know what it would have changed to?  Does anyone have input on what happens with the AP config after removed form controller? 

Thanks for any input,

Esteemed Contributor II
If you break connection with a controller managed AP, the access login should be the admin login info from your controller login.
Only after a factory default, should the super/sp-admin access login be restored.