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Ruckus R710 - Bonjour Gatway only working for a few minutes

New Contributor

I have configured Multiple VLANs based on SSID. Our configuration is as follows:

LAN "Ethernet" TAG: 10

IP/Subnet: 10.10.10.x/24 

Private Data VLAN Tag: 20

IP/Subnet: 10.10.20.x/24

Office Data VLAN Tag: 30

IP/Subnet: 10.10.30.x/24

I have (2) Unifi switches in the network. One configured as a L2 the other a L3 switch. 

My firewall is a fortigate 40F

I have created policies which enable the VLAN to communicate. I am able to access/ping/gui devices on different vlan subnets.

The issue I am having is using multicast. I have enabled the Bonjour gateway, and when I apply it on the AP that has a certain printer connected to VLAN 20 - I am able to find the printer but it is only momentarily, after a fe minutes it disappears and I have to unselect the Bonjour Service and reselect it again for it to be visible. 

This occurs when I am on VLAN 10 and 30. When I am on the same VLAN, it is always visible. 

The Bonjour Service allows Airprint from VLAN

10 > 20

10 > 30

20 > 10

20 > 30

30 > 10

30 > 20

I feel like i am doing something wrong. HELP!