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Ruckus R650 slave not working

New Contributor

Hi everyone,

I want to ask I have connected to wireless router which is connected to the internet, an access point R650 unleashed version. Then I want to add another AP unleashed to, I already connected the AP to the same wireless router but the second AP is still not become slave. What should I do? 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @Sdhn 

Please provide the below details-

Current unleashed firmware version-

What is the model of the AP you are trying to connect in unleashed controller-

Please make sure both the APs are getting the IP address in the same subnet/network

Hi Ayush_Tripathi,

I'm using R650- version firmware. The AP slave and the main one are all R650.

Is it a problem to have a DHCP server for client and for AP in the same range and class? For example : -  for AP and client.

Can you tell me where should I change if I want to make DHCP for slave AP?

I used another R650 in another network that is connected to a managed switch , and after setting the main AP I just set the slave's switch port  to the same Vlan and create DHCP server in the switch. And it automatically added the slave AP when I connect a new AP R650 to the switch.

RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @Sdhn 

Master AP and member AP both needs to be in the same VLAN/Subnet, so the member APs automatically join the master in unleashed controller.

For Example if Master AP IP in range of -, you need to add the member AP as well into the same IP range.

Can you tell me where do I need change the setting for member IP?