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Ruckus R550

New Contributor III

Hello all,

I have some questions regarding a Ruckus R550. I'm trying to upgrade this product via the CLI, but I'm having trouble doing so. I'm currently using The Ruckus 901-R550-US01.

The output via the CLI is:

Auto F/W upgrade                          = disabled
Running on image                          = Image1
FW Control Control File                   = r550_9991_cntrl.rcks
Control File Server                       =
Protocol                                  = FTP
Port                                      = auto
User                                      = ""
Password                                  = ""

The above is the output after I factory reset it. I currently enabled an FTP server on my Windows computer, and followed this guide:

I tried installing this version:


I believe it's failing to update probably because this current R550 isn't unleashed, rather it's probably meant for a ZD/SZ controller. I'm trying to convert this to unleashed and I'm having trouble. 

I connected to the SSID it broadcasts with the default settings, however I'm unable to access it via the IP given on DHCP. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or am I not allowed to do this?

Any general guidance would be helpful!



Valued Contributor II

What is current firmware version? Try to install different standalone firmware version and than try to install Unleashed firmware again.

If ftp upgrade fails, it often means that control file isn't available or isn't correct.

As I understand, you can connect to AP through SSH, can you also connect through WEB interface? You should be able to do it. Try to upgrade firmware through WEB interface.

Hope it helps.

@eizens_putnins So I'm unable to access the webUI. I can connect to the AP, but I'm unable to access the internet through it, or the control panel - which is the assigned IP my router gave it (AP). 

What command would I be doing to get the firmware version? I did a help fw command and can't seen to find firmware version. 

Command is "get version".

If you are unable to access UI, it means 1 of 2 things:

1. AP firmware or flash is broken and you need RMA it. Rarely happens.

1. AP isn't reset to factory, and is in condition "managed by controller". In such condition WEB UI is disabled. To check that, try commands

get director 

or, if it is not recognized

get scg

It will show you current status and controller type and IPs (if any).

Hope it helps,


I guess I failed to mention, this AP is a demo AP from Ruckus. We bought some additional ones (non-demo) but I thought this would be an unleashed one, but the output is: 

------ ZoneDirector Info ------
Primary Controller   : n/a
Secondary Controller : n/a
DHCP Opt43 Code      : 3
  AP is in Stand-alone mode.

So, the AP is in standalone mode. 

I'm pretty sure I can't go past this, right? 

I appreciate your help EP!