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Ruckus R500 status cannot connect to the ZD1100

New Contributor II

10 AP Ruckus R500 status cannot connect to the 12-license ZD1100 troller although Upgrading firmware has run for 2 days and the status is repeating.
Anyone here please help me to solve it, thanks!

Image_ images_messages_606982143daa3502ef277699_876180fc85b7103fd0b4365bae1ef6f4_ZD1100-9990b61e-d40b-4ecb-8729-06ffb8db1ff7-1697793475.jpg


New Contributor III

I think this may be a problem with firmware signing:

Long story short: download the most recent firmware for both the SD and the APs (standalone) update all manually and try again. For R500 it is possible that you cannot directly update to the most recent version (which should be this one):

In this case you need this FW as intermediate (according to this entry:


New Contributor II

@lukas_josuhn Thanks ,I tried fw version
The result was successful ,Thank you very much!

Contributor III

It might be worth it to try a different browser.  A lot of times  browser incompatibility is a problem with ZD1000/1100 controllers.  When you see something flakey, switch browsers and try again. 

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Le,

As explained by Lukas, this could be firmware compatibility (image signing compatibility issue).

Please upgrade the controller to highest supported version and then check if APs are connecting or not.

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI