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Ruckus Network Setup - Enquiry - Implementation of mobile network

New Contributor

Hello, I'm reaching out to see if someone could lend a hand with our Ruckus Unleashed network setup, which we utilise during our charity dinners.

We run a virtual server on a laptop and run this as intranet (offline) wireless network, allowing hundreds of tablet devices to connect within the venue and display our website via the virtual server using the ruckus unleashed network and access points.

Here's a brief illustration/overview of our current setup:

We're now seeking to enhance our network by enabling the laptop and network to operate over a 4G or 5G mobile network connection. This would empower the virtual server on our laptop to tether a small amount of data while outputting it on the Ruckus access points.

Previously, we purchased an additional router with a SIM card slot and attempted to implement this enhancement, but encountered some difficulties.

I'm reaching out to inquire if there's someone from your team who could provide further guidance on the optimal solution for this. I'm considering the possibility of implementing a SIM card slot USB adapter directly into the laptop (rather than a sim card router), something akin to the product linked below:

[Amazon Link: Laptop USB SIM Card Adapter]

Thank you so much, Happy to provide additional information on this if something isn't clear!

Your insights and expertise on this matter would be greatly appreciated.