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Ruckus IoT BLE module question about location tracking

New Contributor II
Our company has deployed Ruckus r710's throughout the office. We also happen to develop a realtime situational awareness platform. We are looking to track BLE tags around the office. Does the IoT gateway or SPOT allow for this? I have asked Ruckus sales but they have yet to get back to me. I know Meraki does support this with all of their new BLE enabled AP's. Only documentation I can find on the IoT gateway is more around BLE sensors. Does anyone have experience with the IoT gateway? Would we also need to upgrade from Unleashed to cloud or zone director to get it, besides buying the modules?

Contributor III
As far as I understand, you should be able to receive the RSSI for each of the tags as reported by the APs containing the BLE modules. The APs will report it over MQTT to the IOT server. I don't recall right now if the IOT server will let you query this over MQTT or through a REST API though (or both). 

I don't have a system to play with yet though...

I though the IOT gateway API guide had some details.. but maybe im just remembering from what I saw last year at Big Dogs.