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Ruckus H510 few questions.

New Contributor

I purchased two Ruckus H510 APs and want to cover my house with WiFi as my current one Mikrotik hAp ac2 has poor WiFi coverage. 

I work as a system administrator in the IT department for more than the last 10 years, we mostly use Mikrotik products but I have zero experience with Ruckus products yet. 

I flashed the first Ruckus H510 with Unlased firmware to use it as master\controller, the second one is currently in standalone mode. Everything seems to work fine (at least in my "test" configuration on the desk) but I still have a few questions: 

1. Ruckus Solo Access Point (GA) Software Release (H510) - can't download because "That file is only available to Premium Support users.

 Pretty strange situation... This is the first time I see a vendor not allowing customers to download the latest firmware. Usually, vendors push users to update the device's software to avoid possible problems\bugs\0days already solved in newer firmware. Especially in a situation when available for download Solo version warns you about known issues. No way to get the last firmware? 

2. What is the type of H510 DC power jack you are using? I have the appropriate AC\DC adapter but can't find the correct DC jack. 

3. In the UNLASHED firmware in the WAN section there are only: "Static", "DHCP", and "PPPOE" options. My ISP gives me Internet via PPTP... No way to connect to ISP using PPTP on Ruckus devices? 

4. And a most important question. 

I want to use AP as a classic home AP but I also need to filter incoming WAN port traffic. I want to NAT traffic to the WAN from my internal LAN and block everything from outside except few necessary ports for port forwarding. 

I can't find IPv4 Firewall and NAT, is it present or not in the UNLASHED firmware?

 Sincerely, Oleh. 


Oh I forgot to note, that was a single r710 that covered 232 square meters in a 2 story home. 

New Contributor

   I am working as a senior network engineer at the IT department in a growing company for the last 12 years. When I came to the company, there were around 20 pcs SOHO routers (D-Link, Zyxel, TP-Link, etc.) unstable connections, and other problems bring us to move to Mikrotiks. So now I have 76 pcs different Mikrotik routers in the LAN (from hap lite to CloudRouters). I like Mikrotiks for all the features they give for the price and all the stability, flexibility, scripts, etc. I can configure almost everything I can imagine in the RouterOS. Unfortunately, I can admit that the WiFi side is pretty poor, probably because of the Linux kernel nature on what the RouterOS is based on.
 I also have a small Internet shop and resel server parts, routers other network infrastructure I can easily sell Rukus APs and buy something else. I bought 3 Rukus APs not only to improve my own home network capabilities but to test them and discover their possibilities of using them in my future projects. I wanted to try the mesh feature as Mikrotik doesn't have "true mesh". Unfortunately, there is not much information about Rukus configuration on the Internet.